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Originally the MCE Standby Tool was developed to solve a number of standby issues that occurred on the Windows XP Media Center Edition. This was accomplished by properly configuring the system and actively supporting the sleep transitions. Nowadays the MCE Standby Tool can perfectly handle other Windows version. The current version might be helpful for sleep issues on the following products: - Windows XP Media Center Edition - Windows XP x86 (32 bit) and x64 (64 bit) - Windows XP embedded - Windows Server 2003 - Windows Vista x86 and x64, with and without Media Center - MediaPortal Other Windows versions are not supported (95, 98, ME) or not tested yet. By selecting the desired sleep state MST will make all the required power management settings, even some which are normally inaccessible. The tool also has a number of active features that will help a system handle the power transitions properly. Automatic periodic reboots, closing and restarting of the media center applications and media center idleness detection are just a few examples. MST can still add some value to media center PCs that enter and return from standby or hibernation properly. The idle detection is optimized for media center use. It's way more accurate for that and has a lot more configuration options compared to Windows own idle detection. When running MST the media center always returns to the same (user defined) screen when "switched on" instead of returning to the state you left it before closing. This is the way most users expect every day devices to work. Therefore it increases the WAF significantly. It has fixes to prevent the system to blank the screen or enter standby unexpectedly when using a non Microsoft remote or right afther the playing of video or music ends. What's the use of MST on a non media center PC? MST can be very helpful in configuring the power management settings. The tool does not have to be installed to do so. The only reason to install MST on a non media center PC is the standby delay. This may help when the system has difficulties when entering or returning from standby or hibernation.

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